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TV Repair West Chicago IL

TV Repair West Chicago IL – ABC TV Repair – Call 847-722-5482

TV Repair West Chicago IL

TV Repair West Chicago IL

Is your TV underperforming lately? Call the TV Repair West Chicago IL experts at ABC for fast and competitively-priced repairs if your TV shows the following problems:

-No picture or loss of power. If your TV does not turn on or if there’s no image even when it does have power, it might be a sign of an interior electrical issue, such as a flawed power supply or damage to the mainboard.

-Strange sounds. If you hear buzzing, popping or crackling sounds coming from your TV, it probably indicates something is wrong with the speakers, internal parts or with the power supply. Our repair techs will identify the cause and make the necessary adjustments to restore good audio quality.

-The screen flickers. Loose connections or backlighting failures are possible causes of a TV screen that is flashing and flickering.

-Color problems. If the colors on your TV’s display look faded, distorted, or overly bright, it may be related to faulty color calibration, the graphics processor or the display panel.

-The TV takes a while to power on. If your TV seems to takes longer than usual to turn on when you press the power button, a malfunctioning internal circuit of power supply could be the cause.

-Overheating. A TV that becomes noticeably warm to the touch could have cooling system issues or obstructed vents.

-The TV shuts off intermittently. If your TV seems to randomly shut off and then restart a second later, it might be overheating or need circuitry repair.

-Burning odor. This is a sure warning sign that you should call us to schedule TV Repair West Chicago IL. A burning odor could be coming from an internal component that will need replacement.

Avoid trying a DIY fix. TVs are complicated electronic devices requiring specialized equipment and training to conduct safe and effective repair.