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TV Repair Campton Hills IL

TV Repair Campton Hills IL – ABC TV Repair – Call 847-722-5482

TV Repair Campton Hills IL

TV Repair Campton Hills IL

Problems with the performance, picture or sound from your TV can arise from a range of causes that span from minor issues to far more complicated electronic failures. A few of the causes that may call for solutions by our TV Repair Campton Hills IL technicians include:

-Loss of power. A malfunctioning power supply can result in your TV not switching on or intermittent power failure.

-Malfunctioning mainboard. The mainboard is what controls your TV’s primary functions. In the event it’s in disrepair, it can result in loss of picture and sound.

-Display panel problems. These can include dead pixels, lines on the screen, flickering and discoloration.

-Backlight too dim. Problems with the backlight can cause it to appear to dark, the screen to flicker or inconsistent brightness on the display.

-Faulty audio board or speakers. Loss of sound, poor quality sound, or buzzing may be due to defective circuitry or speakers.

-Remote not working. An unresponsive remote controller may be due to an issue with the control board or a sensor.

-Troubles with cables and connections. Damaged, corroded or loose cables, such as power cords or HDMI can lead to signal loss and distorted images.

-Glitches with firmware or software. These problems may cause your TV to freeze or perform inconsistently.

-Overheating. Lack of sufficient ventilation, buildup of dust, or a malfunctioning cooling fan can cause your TV to get too hot and result in component failure.

-A power surge. A sudden electrical surge – or lightning strike – can damage the components of your TV and result in range of problems.

Addressing a problem with your TV promptly is important for preventing further damage and the need for more extensive repairs. It’s advisable to call us for TV Repair Campton Hills IL to schedule our services if you notice any of the issues we mention in this post.