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TV Repair Barrington IL

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TV Repair Barrington IL

TV Repair Barrington IL

A poor, distorted image is an obvious sign that your TV may need repairs. However, sometimes your unit will “tell” you it needs TV Repair Barrington IL in other ways. For instance, if it emits a constant buzzing or crackling noise when it’s on, it may indicate that its internal hardware components are not working properly.

Although it’s standard for a TV to make some degree of noise when you turn it on or off due to temperature changes, it’s not a good sign if your TV crackles or buzzes.

Before you start shopping for a replacement, though, make sure the noises aren’t the result of other issues.

Ensure the TV is not positioned near a heater or air conditioner unit. Also, check that dust is not clogging its vents. Do not place any soft materials over the TV because it could cause overheating.

Next, check that your TV is level. If you’ve recently installed a ceiling or wall mount, a crackling sound could mean the TV is tilting.

Flashing spots on the screen are another problem that can occur on a TV that needs service or possible replacement. These spots might appear in the same area on the screen and could be due to the projector bulbs fading.

Check that your TV’s input source and cables are secure. If they are too loose, cables may cause flashing on the screen. If you connect the input source with an HDMI cable, make sure they are both securely attached. Try resetting your TV by letting it rest unplugged it for 15 minutes before plugging it in again and restarting it.

If yours is a smart TV that connects to your Wi-Fi, be sure that you have a stable internet connection.

If your TV is still having problems once you’ve gone through these suggestions, give the TV Repair Barrington IL a call to schedule a service appointment.